Decorating for the Christmas Season

By: Courtney Arp

As the winter season begins, the Christmas decorations are coming out. For some, putting out decorations might be a family tradition done the same way each year or for others, it could be something that is done in a new, creative way each season.  One drive around nearby neighborhoods, such as Russell’s Greenbrier Circle, highlights all of the different and unique approaches families take to decorating their homes for the holidays.  No two houses look alike.

The Squire asked Nataly Clark about her family’s tradition to put up Christmas decorations for the holiday season. Nataly shared details about how long her family has been decorating their yard, saying, “We have been decorating our yard for Christmas for about five years now.” She also said that they decorate their yard every year because it is something they enjoy doing as a family.

She went on to explain, “My favorite part about having Christmas decorations in my yard is that they look really pretty and festive.” For Nataly and her family, it takes about an hour to an hour and a half for her family to fully decorate their yard. There are many factors that influence what kind and how many decorations the Clark family puts up each holiday season, with the main factor being the weather.  As Nataly explained, the number of decorations they use “depends on how cold the weather is; sometimes we put up a lot and sometimes we don’t put up a lot.”  This year, the winter seemed to come a little bit earlier than the past few mild fall seasons we have had.

Nataly also shared that her family gets the inspiration to decorate their yard from just thinking about what they feel looks good.  For those looking for extra unique and creative ways to decorate their houses, consider checking Pinterest for ideas.

There are many ways to decorate your house for Christmas, including putting up lights, decorating your Christmas tree, and putting decorations up outside. If you don’t already help decorate your house or have certain traditions you follow when it comes to decorations, maybe this is the year to start!

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