Choosing a Real Christmas Tree

By: Paige Edwards 

     When you think of Christmas, you think of a lot of things: Santa Clause, presents, elves, and maybe even reindeer. Although those things do sound like Christmas, another important part of the holiday that comes to most people’s minds would be a Christmas tree. You know, the big tree with beautiful bulbs and bright shimmering lights. Whether you get a real or artificial tree, they are always a huge part of the Christmas season. The Squire interviewed Mrs. Dietsch, Eisenhower’s chemistry  teacher, about her Christmas tree preferences. 

     For most anyone who gets a real tree, usually one of their top reasons is the amazing smell. That is exactly what Mrs. Dietsch shared, as she likes the smell of pine in her house. Another question often asked about real Christmas trees is: Where is the best place to even buy one? Well, there are many different places to go in Warren County. You can go to Lowes in North Warren, Eekey’s Floral Shop, which is also in North Warren, or Sanford’s Christmas Tree Farm in Youngsville. All of those local places have great and affordable real Christmas tree options. 

     “Another thing about real Christmas trees is making sure you know the size that works for your house,” Dietsch advised. It may look small in the field, but it will look huge inside of your house. She also shared some tips and tricks for first time real tree owners. “We always recut the trunk when we get home, then place it into a 5-gallon bucket of water (use sugar water or tree preservative mixed with water). We then will set it on our porch or deck and cut the tie, this way the tree will pull in a lot of water, which will help it last longer. After it has sat overnight in the water, we bring it in the house and place it in the tree stand that we fill with water and check every day.” 

     So now that you know where to get your tree and how to take care of it, when do you put it up? Well Mrs. Dietsch added that her family usually puts it up the first Saturday or Sunday of December. That way it should last all month if you keep it watered and away from direct heat. Another helpful hint she shared is what she does with the tree when Christmas is over. Mrs. Dietsch puts suet blocks on her tree, and then place it at the edge of their woods for birds and squirrels. 

     Now that the Christmas season is upon us so are Christmas decorations, such as the Christmas tree. Whether you need to know where to get your tree, how to take care of your tree, or how to dispose of it, The Squire has you covered this Christmas season. So, happy holidays and best of luck finding that perfect tree. 

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