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Comparing Real and Artificial Christmas Trees

By: Dillon Benson 

     The debate between decorating for Christmas with a real or artificial tree has a long and interesting history. According to , 1882 is when people first started decorating, what we call, “real” Christmas trees. This is when Edward H. Johnson patented the use of electric lights on a string to decorate a tree. Although decorating real trees has been around for a while now, before that artificial trees were common. According to Wikipedia, “These first trees were wooden, tree-shaped pyramids lit by candles. They were developed in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, by the German Moravian Church in 1747.” Artificial trees were used long before real trees became popular… 

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Learning About New Year’s Resolutions

By: Taylor Napolitan 

     The year 2020 is finally wrapping up as the end of December is approaching. This was a year full of stress and the constant need to adapt to change. Hopefully, the new year will be better, and one way to help you achieve your goals is to set a New Year’s Resolution!  

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