Surviving the Holidays

By: Maya Swanson  

     This year is coming to an end, but the Corona Virus is not. The holiday season can be stressful and, this year, COVID-19 can double the stress. Quality time with your family and the holiday festivities are just a few things that are going to be different this season. The Squire is here to help and provide some helpful ways to survive this holiday season that is going to look a little different from the prior years. 

     The holidays are all about coming together with family and celebrating with each other, but with COVID-19 getting in the way of that this year, surviving the holidays takes on a new meaning. Many people look forward to this season all year and might have a hard time with the changes that will need to be made. The Squire asked Mrs. Richardson, the middle school math teacher at Eisenhower, how spending the holidays with her family will look different this year. Unfortunately, they will not be spending it with extended family, as I am sure many of you are not, but instead staying home and celebrating with just her immediate family, husband and kids. If you, like Mrs. Richardson, are not able to celebrate Christmas with your whole family, there are many options available to connect online, such as FaceTime and Zoom. Zoom has become very popular this year as the source for online meetings. Mrs. Richardson and her family will be doing this to connect with family that are not able to join them face to face. 

     If you are stressed about getting Christmas presents, online shopping has become very popular to get your presents quickly and safely. Amazon has every gift you could possibly need and, with Amazon Prime, you can get it in two days. Over the past years, many people have switched to online shopping, but this year it is the safest option. 

     Some of us might end up in quarantine over the holidays and some festive ways to pass time while getting into the holiday spirit include watching Christmas movies, decorating cookies, or going for a drive to look at holiday lights. Mrs. Richardson’s favorite holiday classics to watch every year are Elf and The Grinch. Going for a drive and looking at the Christmas lights is the perfect way to brighten your spirits. Mrs. Richardson shared, “My kids love driving to the Christmas light show in Warren, on Central Ave. There is a house there that has many Christmas lights that are in sync with music.” Going to look at lights is still safe to do this year because everyone stays in their cars.  

      Although this season will look different, it does not mean it has to feel different. Some traditions might change, but you can always make new ones. No matter what, you can still spread Christmas joy. Not a lot of people get to say they survived Christmas during a pandemic. The Squire hopes you stay safe and have a great holiday season like no other. 

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