Hyped Up for Homecoming

By: Lilly Darling

With the 2019 school year starting, it is only fitting to get into the groove of attending football games and pumping up the school spirit. With football games brings the great Homecoming game, as well as the Homecoming dance the very next day. As they do each year, Student Council created a week full of fun events to make students excited about Homecoming. This includes “Spirit Week” and the pep rally, which took place during advisory period, the last period of the day, on Friday, September 28.

Spirit Week, the five day week leading up to the Homecoming football game, is filled with different activities students can get involved in to show their school spirit. Each day is a theme of something different that the students can wear to express their school spirit. This gets students excited to participate and have a great week to express their school spirit in various ways.

Kicking off on Monday, the first day of Spirit Week, students dressed up for blackout day, which meant to wear all black clothing. On Tuesday, the EHS students showed their patriotism through USA Day. One especially spirited student even wore a USA wrestling singlet. Day three tied into the theme of Eisenhower’s homecoming, which was Neon Day. Keeping it classy for Thursday, the students were seen, or rather not seen, in their best camo clothing, a true symbol of Eisenhower. Most students got involved on camo day because they had a lot of fun with it. And last, but not least, Friday was the day to show our best school spirit with Blue and Gold day, the colors of Eisenhower High School.

To get more information on the planning of spirit week, The Squire, pulled aside Student Council president, Currie Hultman, to answer a few questions. When asked what the inspiration for Spirit Week was, Currie answered, “Student Council wanted to work in creative, but easy themes so that students could get really involved with it.” Currie’s favorite part about Spirit Week is “getting to see the students excited and interactive in school.”

Getting into Eisenhower’s pep rally, the students were really pumped to watch the homecoming court be announced. After court was announced, the students dispersed to play an exciting game of dodgeball against the staff of the school. In an intense moment, Thomas Baran slammed Mrs. Ludwig in the face with a ball, knocking her glasses off. Students say they can still see the steam rolling off her in waves from her anger.

Later on that evening, the Homecoming football game kicked off, leading to a great weekend filled with laughter and wonderful memories. Overall, Eisenhower’s Homecoming Week was one for the books!

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