Dancing the Knight Away

By: Caroline Smelko

Homecoming week is an exciting week for the entire community, but especially for the students here at Eisenhower High School. The theme of this year’s homecoming dance was “Neon Knights” and the event took place on Saturday, September 21, 2019 in the Eisenhower High School cafeteria.

Each year, the student body votes for the students they’d like to represent their grades on homecoming court. This year, representing the freshman class was Rayna Hultman and Austin Hannold, the sophomore class was Megan Strausser and Cole Chapman, and the junior class was Elizabeth Strausser and Joseph Kingsley. The senior class court consisted of six girls: Patricia Bortz, Rachel Frederick, Lindsay Finch, Lilly Darling, Ashley Hall, and Currie Hultman; and six boys: Josh Bortz, Thomas Baran, Michael Abadie, Dakota Chase, Logan Jaquay, and Nick Jones. Each member of the Homecoming court made their entrance to the football field the night before the dance to await the announcement of the senior Homecoming king and queen. The Squire congratulates Michael Abadie and Ashley Hall on being crowned as the 2019 Homecoming king and queen.

Every year, Student Council members work with their advisor, Miss Slattery, to plan, organize, and decorate for the occasion. The Squire sat down with Student Council members to get the inside scoop on this year’s dance. When asked how the theme of the dance was decided, Treasurer, Lilly Darling, commented, “Student Council members held a meeting to discuss the theme, and thought it would be best to create a fun environment for the students. We thought of ideas and took a vote and that’s how Neon Knights was decided!”

Another big role of Student Council is to decorate the cafeteria for the dance. This is not an easy task as, “students worked after school to set everything up after getting the decorations together and planning the layout of the dancefloor,” Darling commented.

Walking into the dance was a great experience for many students. The cafeteria was almost all blacked out with bright neon shapes on the floor, as well as black lights surrounding the dance floor. The DJ, Logan Black, even brought a dance box that made many students super excited to get up on and dance their hearts out. A big hit song was Delirious by Steve Aoki, Chris Lake and Tujamo, featuring Kid Ink.

After the dance, students shared their thoughts with The Squire about the music that was played all night. Seniors Chloe Mueller and Hunter Peterson both mentioned that the music was, “much better than in the past.” Mueller also shared that this is thanks to the, “great DJ, Logan Black, who knew what the crowd liked and kept them going the entire time.”

The Squire hopes that everyone had an unforgettable night at the 2019 Homecoming dance, and is looking forward to seeing everyone again next year! Stay tuned to the W-IKE News show and follow us on social media @ehssquire for pictures and more!

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