Breezing Your Way Through Fall Festivals

By: Lindsay Finch

The air is cooler and the leaves are falling, which can only mean one thing – fall is coming! Some of us may be bummed that the long, warm summer days are now over and thoughts of frigid snow are looming in our heads. However, the change in seasons brings new opportunities to go out and explore the wonderful things we can do in our area. That’s right, its fall fest season and The Squire is here to give you all the details on the fall festivals happening this year.

Now having to go to school, it can be hard to fit the extra activities that you want to do in your schedule. However, there are two major festivals that are 48 days long, giving you a major time slot to sneak in a relaxing day of fall fun. The Fall Harvest festival at Port Farms has been bringing the Erie area fame for its fun packed, family friendly atmosphere. Closed only on Tuesday, with a small cost to get in, you can slingshot pumpkins and bury yourself up to your ears in corn! Another kid friendly festival is Pumpkinville, in Great Valley, NY. At Pumpkinville, they have pumpkin jumping pillows along with other fall related activities and a wide selection of pumpkins, gourds, and squash to pick and take home! Parking and admission are free, so what are you waiting for?

If you drive just 12 minutes north of Great Valley, NY, you will arrive in the beautiful Ellicottville where they have a fall festival October 12-13.  If you are looking for a bunch of different vendors to shop for goodies from and amazing, greasy food, then this is the festival you’ll want to attend! Right in the heart of Ellicottville, this fall festival is the largest of its kind in our area. Very similar, is the fall fest at Peek’n Peak Golf Course and Resort. The beautiful ski lodge buildings surrounded by the rolling hills has given this festival its fame over the years. Stroll through the vendors and get a bite to eat from the ginormous selection of food from the food court. Once that’s all said and done, take a ride on the ski lift and sight see the changing leaves. The Squire asked Patricia Bortz, an avid fall fest goer, about what spikes her interest to go to the festival in the first place. “I just really love this time of the year,” she said, “Going to the festival just helps enhance the fall time spirit.”

The last two festivals that we have for you focus on a fruit that is sometimes often forgotten in the fall time. The Busti Apple Festival happens every year on the last Sunday in September. This year, on the 29, you can visit the small town of Busti and walk the strip, touring vendors, view the old water mill, and buy a bushel of red delicious apples. Another apple-related fest is the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Sheffield, PA. Located at Sheffield Memorial Park, the Johnny Appleseed Festival is on October 11-13. Along with the apple pie baking contest, they have lumberjack competitions where you can watch them carve away logs into unique shapes. There is no cost to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

Whether you like the laid back atmosphere of a vendor rich festival, or a kid friendly fall fun land, you are sure to fulfill your fall festival needs with the many festivals happening right here in our area!

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