Best Gifts to Get Your Girl

By: Nick Smelko

With Christmas approaching, its crunch time for us gentlemen to get our ladies an amazing and elegant gift or gifts for Christmas. During Christmas time, everybody is scrambling around to get that perfect gift for your special somebody. However, every girl is different. Some girls prefer gifts that come from the heart, like a picture of the couple or a spa day, and some girls prefer material gifts, such as jewelry or clothes. Cameran Edwards, loving girlfriends of yours truly, along with Ross Venman, textbook amazing boyfriend of track star, Terrylee Talasky, were interviewed by The Squire about gift giving, and receiving.

The Squire: As a girl, what would you like to receive as a gift from your amazing boyfriend this Christmas?

Cameran Edwards: Well, I would like clothes because I like to dress nice frequently.

TS: If your boyfriend didn’t get you something you wanted/liked, how would you react?

CE: I’d pretend to like it because at least he tried. To me, it’s the thought that counts.

TS: What do you plan to get TerryLee for Christmas?

Ross Venman: Well, we have been dating for almost three years, so I’m thinking about getting her some nice earrings or a nice pair of running shoes or stylish boots, however nothing is set in stone right now.

TS: In a long-term relationship, what is a good gift to get your girlfriend?

RV: Something very meaningful to your relationship. Girls love when their gift carries a deep meaning to it, making it something they will always remember.

TS:  In a new relationship, what is a good, easy, go to gift to get?

CE: Flowers or a picture of each other.

In addition to interviewing students at Eisenhower, The Squire took a Twitter poll of their followers, asking about favored gifts, giving the choices of: jewelry, clothes, gift cards, or handmade gifts. Of these choices, the loving followers of The Squire voted jewelry was the best gift to get your girl, with a 41% vote. Next was clothes with 30%, then gift cards with 15%, and finally handmade gifts with 14%. So fellas, if you’re struggling with what to get your girl for Christmas, jewelry is the way to go. Now ladies, if you want something specific for Christmas, don’t be afraid to ask your man. It will be a lot easier for him to get you something you want and he will be very happy you did.  Best of luck shopping this holiday season!

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