Buying Christmas Gifts for Him

By: Tess Morningstar

Buying a Christmas gift for your boyfriend is not always easy. To help you out, The Squire took a Twitter poll to find out what EHS students prefer. We asked our followers about some popular gift ideas, such as athletic apparel, technology accessories, watches, and shoes or boots.

According to the Twitter poll, 65% of people would like to receive athletic apparel over the other three gift choices. The Squire interviewed students Tajah Warren and Shannon Kellogg to ask them about some more gift ideas.

The Squire: What would be your ideal Christmas gift?

Tajah Warren: Jordan’s, because you can never have too many pairs.

TS: Where could someone get this gift for you?

TW: Any shoe store like Foot Locker or online.

Here are some interview questions with Shannon Kellogg on what she purchased for her boyfriend.

The Squire: What are you thinking of getting your boyfriend for Christmas?

Shannon Kellogg: I got him crocs, an American Eagle sweater, and a framed picture of us.

TS: What do you think of the prices of your gifts?

SH: I got most of them on sale so it wasn’t extremely expensive.

TS: How would you react if your boyfriend did not like your gift?

SH: I would be upset and take them back to the store and ask him what he wants instead.

If you are stuck on what to get your boyfriend, always remember it’s the thought that makes the best gifts.

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