The Spotlight Shines on Ms. McMonigal

By: Shannon Kellogg

Eisenhower has seen a fresh new face throughout the halls these past two school years following the retirement of the last choir director, Mrs. Denise Pearson. The new addition to the IKE family is Ms. Joy McMonigal.

Recently, The Squire sat down with her to talk about her experience so far at Eisenhower Middle High School and what is happening down in the vocal department.

The Squire: Where did you go to high school and college?

Joy McMonigal: I went to Warren Area High School and Clarion University.

TS: What made you want to become a choir director/music teacher?

JM: Music was always one of the few things that I was good at, and enjoyed, in high school.

TS: Where else have you taught music or directed choir?

JM: I have taught at Sheffield Area High School, Clearfield Catholic School, and Bradford Area High School.

TS: What is your favorite thing about your job?

JM: I think definitely one of my favorite things is hearing the harmonies when everybody finally gets it. Also, it’s a fun class. Unlike classes such as Math or English, students look forward to coming to class and we get to have fun every day.

TS: What have you enjoyed most about your time here at Eisenhower?

JM: It’s like one big family. Everybody helps each other and gets along. You don’t get that family environment at other schools.

TS: What are you looking forward to in regards to the Senior Choir trip to New York City?

JM: I’m looking forward to spending some fun time with my students and seeing new things.

TS: What does the planning for this trip include?

JM: It includes picking dates and events, fundraising, and filling out LOTS of paperwork.

TS: Do you have children? If so, how many, and how old?

JM: I have a nine year old daughter named Isabelle, Izzy for short, and she goes to St. Joes.

TS: What other activities (musical or not) are you included in outside of school?

JM: The Library Theatre – anything that goes on there, I am helping in some way, Molly Dies Dance Express – Izzy is involved in that, and hiking and kayaking when the weather is nice.


The Squire thanks Ms. McMonigal for her time. Be sure to stop down to the vocal department some time and check out what Ms. McMonigal and the choir are up to. Also, try to make it to the Holiday Concert, the Coffeehouse Choir Show, or the Spring Concert.

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