Student Spotlight Shines on Crystal Work

By: Anna McJunkin

This month’s student spotlight is on Crystal Work, a sophomore here at Eisenhower who enjoys playing volleyball, and works hard to earn good grades. To get to know her a little more, The Squire interviewed her about her high school career.

The Squire: What sports/sport do you play? Do you enjoy them?

Crystal Work: I play volleyball, and I enjoy it because it is a fun sport and it gets me off  the couch. Also, it keeps me active, and being with all my friends makes the sport more enjoyable for me.

TS: What are your goals for this school year?

CW: This year, I’d like to make Merit Honor Roll all year.

TS: What do you want your future to consist of?

CW: I want to graduate, then go to college and be some type of doctor or scientist.

TS: What would you change about EMHS?

CW: It would be nice to have more heat in the winter, and we should be able to use our phones more because we signed the, “Bring Your Own Device” paper.

TS: If you could choose what you learn in a class, what would it be?

CW: I think we should learn about current events in history.

TS: What is your favorite class and teacher?

CW: My favorite class is Biology and my favorite teacher is Mrs. Swanson.

TS: Are you happy with all your classes and teachers this school year?

CW: Yes, I enjoy all of my classes and respect the teachers. Although, I don’t enjoy my classes as much when we learn something boring that isn’t necessary to my life in the future.

Crystal is a great student all around, who has important goals in her life. The Squire wishes her the best of luck and we hope she achieves all her goals. If you ever see Crystal around, don’t be shy to say hi!

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