Shopping For Love

By: Aniela Gesing

Valentine’s Day is a time for expressing your love for that special someone and having a valid excuse to devour excessive amounts of chocolate. However, the day after Valentine’s Day is full of half-off chocolate and teddy bears, perfect for anyone looking to spoil themselves.

If you’re a bargain shopper, the best time to purchase next year’s Valentine’s Day gifts is the day after. Everything goes on sale the day after Valentine’s Day because most stores need to get rid of their holiday stock to make room for the next holiday. If you are single during Post-Valentine’s Day, it’s your time to shine.  Now, you can buy that gigantic teddy bear for yourself you have been eyeing up in Wal-Mart for $40, because it’s now on sale for $20. Along with on-sale chocolate and teddy bears, the Valentine’s holiday is also a great time to purchase cute clothes with hearts on them. Stores such as New York & Co. have sales up to 80% off starting on February 15th so hurry!

Let’s talk about the statistics after Valentine’s Day for a moment. The Chocolate industry in the U.S. makes approximately 1.7 billion dollars after Valentine’s Day, according to That’s enough to purchase 8,500 Lamborghinis costing $200,000 each. It is also estimated that Americans spend 3.4 billion dollars altogether during Valentine’s Day. Which means the average person spends $116.21 according to

The Squire interviewed Lydia Giannini about her tips, and tricks to shopping on Post-Valentine’s Day.

The Squire: What is your favorite sale to shop Post-Valentine’s Day?

Lydia Giannini: Chocolate.

TS: What is the best sale you have ever gotten after Valentine’s Day?

LG: I got a really cute pair of heart socks that were originally $12, but I got them on sale for $4.

TS: How do you feel about the prices of Valentine’s Day merchandise?

LG: They are too high, and the holiday is over marketed.

TS: What is some advice you can give to rookie shoppers this year?

LG: Buy your Valentine’s gifts early–except for flowers–because the prices will rise the closer you get to Valentine’s Day.

TS: What is one of your tricks to shopping during the holiday?

LG: Wait until February 15th, and buy for next year, the best deals always start the day after Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is expensive. Take some time to spoil yourself after this emotionally straining holiday; you deserve it! Now, you can proceed with your shopping the smart way thanks to The Squire!



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