Quests 2016-2017

The award winning journalism program recently visited EHS Journalism alumnus, Thomas Frank Carr, at Forever Media in State College, PA. While we were there, he [Thomas Carr] talked about his experiences, and gave us a lot of insight into what it takes to be a successful journalist in today’s world. While we were in the area, we visited Penn State University campus, where our journalism advisor, Miss Howe, graduated from.
During our own tour of the campus, we ran into a small setback. Journalism student, Brandon Sweet, miscommunicated with the group. He claims he told the group he was going to the restroom; however nobody heard him say it, so he went anyways. The group, not knowing that he left us, left The Hub [the building they were in when Brandon left us] and continued their journey throughout campus. We ventured up to the Creamery, a popular ice cream place on campus, which is where we realized he was gone. We contacted him, told him where we were, and sent a search team to go get him, the search was successful! We brought him back, and headed back home like nothing ever happened. After the traumatic trip, The Squire sat down with Brandon about his experiences alone in an unfamiliar place.

The Squire: Where did you go when you were away from the group?
Brandon Sweet: The restroom located in the Hub.
TS: What was going through your mind while you were away?
BS: I’ll only be away for a minute
TS: Most people on campus know where the Creamery is. When we told you that we were there, why didn’t you ask for directions?
BS: Most of the people I passed looked as though they were in a hurry, busy, or were going to rob me.
TS: When did you realize you were away from the group?
BS: When I entered the main lobby of The Hub and nobody was answering my snapchats.
TS: How did you find your way back to the group?
BS: They found me after I video-chatted with them.

Well everybody, don’t be afraid to ask for directions, people can be very helpful when you’re in a place you don’t know well. Although losing him was not in the plans for the trip, we knew we would not be going home with one less person. The Squire is grateful that Brandon made it back to the group safely.

The Squire students went to the annual Edinboro Journalism Day event, which was held on April 6. Journalism students from the surrounding areas were invited to submit projects of various mediums to be critiqued by the professionals from the college. The Eisenhower journalism club submitted this website for the second year in a row, and brought home yet another award for web publication. The large portion of the field trip consisted of listening to professionals in the communications and public relations fields and attending workshops. While the majority of students engaged in the workshops, the advisers and editors of the journalism clubs from each of the schools discussed the possible improvements that could be made to their school’s news publications. The trip concluded with a buffet-style lunch that was served while speaker Joe Palka, a Voice of America newscaster, told of his experience in the world of journalism.

The Squire students found this field trip to be very beneficial for our website and for ourselves as journalists. The journalism students look forward to go on more field trips like this one in particular, so be sure to check back periodically for more Squire quests!

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