Creating a Wellness Pantry for Eisenhower

By: Emily Rutsky

National Honor Society and Student Council are introducing something new to this school year. They are creating a Wellness Pantry to benefit students in our school to help them with items they may need throughout the week and weekend. The grand opening of the pantry took place on Friday, March 3. The Squire sat down with National Honor Society’s president, Hosanna Senz, to get all the details on the new Wellness Pantry.

The Squire: What is the Wellness Pantry?

Hosanna Senz: The Wellness Pantry will be stocked with convenient snacks and meals, personal hygiene products, and gently used clothing. It will be kept for any students who may need these items during the school week, or even the weekend.

TS: How long has the Wellness Pantry been going on?

HS: While the Wellness Pantry is not fully up and running yet, it has been in the works for several months and has been National Honor Society’s main priority since the Christmas food drive ended.

TS: How do you donate goods to the Wellness Pantry?

HS: If you would like to donate any non-perishable goods to the Wellness Pantry, please contact Mrs. Dietsch.

TS: Who is all involved in the Wellness Pantry?

HS: National Honor Society, run by Mrs. Dietsch, is involved, as are some community members and the Eisenhower faculty who were generous enough to send in donations.

TS: Why did you start the Wellness Pantry?

HS: The Wellness Pantry was started to help meet some of the basic needs for any of the students in Eisenhower.

TS: Who does it benefit?

HS: The students in need will be benefitted by this program, along with the students who are helping to run it. It is a great way to be active in the Eisenhower community and help make a positive impact on the lives of our students and fellow classmates.

TS: How long will it be going on for?

HS: We hope the Wellness Pantry will continue for years to come, running through the whole school year.

     As you can, see the Wellness Pantry will have a great impact on our school. It will benefit many people at Eisenhower and help many people out with the necessities they need to live. We can all help these people with the things they may need by donating to the pantry. If you are looking to donate, get in contact with Mrs. Dietsch or someone in either National Honor Society or Student Council. You will be greatly appreciated for your donation, not only by National Honor Society and Student Council, but also by the people it will be benefitting.

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