Flying Down the Slopes

By: Jake Ruttenbur

Snowboarding and skiing is a fun activity to enjoy every winter. Local places like Holiday Valley and Peek’nPeak are both resorts for you to enjoy some time outside skiing and snowboarding. All of the local resorts all have lessons for beginners to learn and even lessons to teach new things to even the experienced skier and snowboarder. The Squire interviewed Chase Elmquist, Spencer Gray, and Ryan Schnars and asked them about their first impressions of skiing or snowboarding. 

The Squire: Have you ever been skiing or snowboarding?

CE: I’ve been snowboarding about 254 times in my life. I get hurt sometimes.

SG: Yes, I’ve gone snowboarding once. It was a great time I very much so enjoyed it.

RS: Yes, I’ve been snowboarding once. It is pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

TS: How long have you been skiing or snowboarding?

CE: About 56,321,498 seconds.

SG: I only did it once; it was very fun spending $50 to feel like your ACL is tearing.

RS: This is the first year I’ve tried it.

TS: Where do you prefer to ski and why?

CE: I prefer to snowboard at Holiday Valley because it is fun.

SG: I don’t prefer anywhere; whenever I saw some snow, I just go and shred it, but if I had to choose it would be Peek’n’Peak.

RS: I went to holiday valley, and I’ve heard it is much better than Peek n’ Peak.

TS: What were the conditions this season for snowboarding?

CE: They were not very good I hated it and wanted to hurt myself.

SG: I, believe it or not, only went once last year. I was traumatized because of the many times that I fell. So, I have no idea what the weather was like, what my name is and what in snowboardation.

RS: I haven’t gone yet this season, so I don’t know.

Overall, skiing or snowboarding is a very enjoyable sport I would recommend trying. For beginners, lessons would be strongly recommended. Even for the more experienced, you can still take lessons on how to perform tricks, such as going off huge jumps and grinding rails. In my opinion, you should at least try snowboarding or skiing at least once or twice. Not only does it give you something to do during winter, you could enjoy it and continue doing it for the rest of your life.



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