The Joy of Celebrating Christmas Traditions

By: Thomas Warren

It’s that time of year again, the snow is falling and the Christmas lights are up. The smell of cookies fills the house, and the children are eager to see what Santa brought. Best of all, the time for family traditions that make your Christmas unique from others, even if it is opening up one gift on Christmas Eve or cooking breakfast Christmas morning, has arrived.

The Squire met with three Eisenhower students to share their Christmas traditions.

The Squire: What is your Christmas tradition?

Emily Bailey: On Christmas Eve, I go to my dad’s and I open up presents there, then on Christmas day I go to my grandpa’s to open up gifts and eat dinner there.

Troy Myer: On Christmas Eve, me, Ruth, Drew and Bob sit down and watch Christmas movies for about four hours. Then, Bob falls asleep and we all disperse.

Adam Pascuzzi: I open up presents at my house and then my whole family goes to my aunt’s for dinner and a Secret Santa.

The Squire: How long has this tradition been going on?

EB: Since I can remember.

TM: Since 1930 when Grandma Sally was born.

AP: My family has been doing this tradition for about 25 years now.

The Squire: What is your favorite part about your Christmas tradition?

EB:  Spending time with family and seeing everyone enjoy the festivities.

TM: When Uncle Roger always burns the cookies that we make for Santa.

AP: Getting to spend time with family that I only see a few times a year.

I love this time of year because I get to spend quality time with my family. Usually on Christmas Eve we host a little Christmas party with all of my family, we have dinner, play games and open up one gift. Then Christmas morning my aunt and uncle come and they cook blueberry pancakes, which were my grandpa’s favorite.

Christmas is always a good time of the year, especially spending quality time with the ones we love and being thankful for everything we have. Seeing family that we don’t see often is always a special feeling and the holiday cheer during this time of year. Enjoy your extended brake off of your hard work and enjoy your family tradition, and if you don’t have one I encourage you to make one to do with your family and hopefully it will carry on from generation to generation.

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