Boys Winter Sports Takes Off

By: Troy Myer

You know it’s time for winter sports when you leave school and its already getting dark. Practices are in full motion, and the boys at EHS have been grinding to get better every day. Both basketball and wrestling have been working two or more hours a day to get ready for games and matches. The upperclassmen are taking charge and the freshmen are being shown the ropes. Teams have really been coming together in the past couple weeks getting ready for the regular season.

The wrestling team has been practicing every day after school, and this is their second season in the new wrestling room. The junior high team practices after school in the cafeteria after they roll mats out. The wrestling team has exchange student Julia Raventos wrestling this year and is looking for a strong year and doing some big things. The wrestling team has a large number of kids this year and it will make the team much stronger. Experienced kids and a former coach of the sport, Mr. Kris Black, are proving that wrestling should have a strong season this winter. The Squire asked upperclassmen Matt Huling and Spencer Head some questions about the team and this season.

The Squire: How is the team looking this year?

Matt Huling: We are looking pretty solid. We just have to work on some technique, ya know.

Spencer Head: Looking pretty sharp, really motivated, a lot better than prior years.

TS: What has the first few weeks of practices been like?

MH: Been pretty good, working on some technique. We have been narrowing down what we have to do for the season

SH: Tiring, very tiring, but it will all pay off in the end.

TS:  What do you think is the team’s biggest strength this year?

MH: The experience that most of us have, along with the coaching staff.

SH: The number of kids [is a huge strength], so each kid can have a drill partner and different looks when we go live.

The Eisenhower Boys Basketball team, coached by Mr. Dave Allenson, is looking to have a standout season in the very competitive AA District 10. The team is led by senior Thomas Warren and experienced group of five players with varsity experience under their belt. The team has been working hard the first few weeks running sets of lines, 17s, and lifting some huge weights. Coming off last season where they lost in the second round of the postseason, just making it to playoffs won’t satisfy the team. The boys are looking for a deep run into the postseason and making it to the PIAA State playoffs.

The team has veteran numbers, with four seniors and seven juniors. Head Coach Mr. Dave Allenson and Assistant Coach Ryan Williams are really keeping the team focused this year by not letting players cut corners or take any minute of practice not seriously. It may sound like it isn’t fun or enjoyable, but the team knows that the dedication and hard work will pay off when they start to get numbers in the win column. The Squire asked seniors Thomas Warren and Jack Reynolds a few questions on the season and the team.

The Squire: How is the team looking this year?

Thomas Warren: Very experienced, we have about six players who have varsity time into their career.

Jack Reynolds: It’s looking solid, six of seven returning varsity.

TS: What has the first few weeks of practice been like?

TW: Not very productive, just a lot of running and little basketball.

JR: Learning our new offense and running. A little bit of lifting, too.

TS: What is your opinion of the coaching staff?

TW: The only downfall is that we can’t smile or have fun or we will run.

JR: They have high expectations for us already (winning every game).

TS: What do you think is the team’s biggest strength?

TW: Our new player and secret weapon, Zayne but we call him Curry, Jr.

JR: Having a lot of returning players and the chemistry we have.

Both wrestling and basketball are looking for a strong season with plenty of action to watch. Make sure to go to all the matches and games to support your Eisenhower Knights. Stay alert to watch the W-IKE news to hear times for the matches and games.


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