Stellar Christmas Break Ideas

By: Nick Pratt

Christmas break is approaching very soon, and students may find themselves with a busy non-stop schedule of family gatherings and holiday get-togethers, but, once those events are over, students may find themselves with some free time. Christmas break is a little shorter than usual this year, and while some may be visiting family over break, others may not have anything planned.

To kick off your break, you may want to sleep in Saturday morning. If it happens to snow, you can build snowmen, sled ride, go Christmas caroling, or have a good ol’ snowball fight. If you would like to help out your parents, you can always shovel your driveway or start their car and clean the snow off before they go to work. If you would like to stay inside during the break, why not watch a few Christmas movies with family or friends? There are also lots of local places where you can enjoy the winter weather this holiday break.  Up at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena, you can go ice skating with friends. If you would like to go skiing or snowboarding,you can head up to Peek n’ Peak or Holiday Valley.

The Squire has interviewed three different Eisenhower students to see what they have planned for their Christmas break. The Squire asked Hunter Wolcott what his favorite part of Christmas break was, and he responded with, “Going hunting the day after Christmas.” Evan Honsberger shared that his favorite way to relax over break is to, “Sit around and watch Netflix.” Finally, The Squire asked Jack Reynolds what his plans for Christmas break were, and he answered with an ambitious, “I’m going to continue practicing for basketball.”

Now, you should have a few ideas for what to do over the break. Overall, you should have a great time over the break, and stay safe. The Squire wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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