Getting inspired in the Kitchen

By: Maya Edwards

According to, there are approximately two billion Christmas cookies consumed by Americans each year. After consulting, The Squire has learned that the number one most common Christmas cookie is, not surprisingly, the sugar cookie.

When it comes to holiday baking, there are many Christmas traditions across the world. explains that Australians celebrate Christmas similar to the way the United States does. In Australia, many people decorate their houses with lights, wreaths, and Christmas trees just like we do in the states, and they also receive gifts from Santa Clause. On the other hand, in Madagascar, they do not celebrate as we do in the states. In Madagascar, only some families exchange small gifts, even though they still believe in ‘Dadabe Noely,’ which means Santa Clause in Malagasy.

The Squire interviewed EMHS sophomore Alexi Milburn, on what some of her baking traditions are. Alexi told The Squire that her favorite Christmas cookies are orange cookies. Baking orange cookies with her grandmother is something her family does annually. Alexi and her grandmother also bake sugar cookies to take to neighbors, relatives, and also to nursing homes to help spread the Christmas spirit. As far as family traditions go, Alexi told The Squire that her family doesn’t have a lot of other traditions, but they do enjoy Christmas as much as anyone.

In my family, we are big on tradition. Every year the women in my family get together at my grandmother’s house and bake tons of cookies. My grandmother is a hospice volunteer and we deliver cookies and our family Christmas card to her patients. They really appreciate it, and it is a great way to spread holiday cheer. We also deliver to other families in the area and close family friends as well. My family enjoys baking a wide variety of cookies ranging from the simple sugar cookie to fudge and cookie bars. This is a tradition that has taken place in my family for many years, so it is something that we look forward to each winter.

If you and your family don’t participate in any annual Christmas baking traditions, it is never too late to start. Gather your family and come up with your own!

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