Dancing the Night Away

By: Jake Harvey Photo Editor

Dances are a highlight in the life of your average high schooler, from getting ready that afternoon to hanging out with friends that night. The anticipation for the homecoming dance starts the day after prom ends. After prom, Student Council starts planning for the next year’s homecoming, since homecoming often occurs early in the school year. This year, all of Student Council’s planning paid off, as those who attended the dance walked into a cafeteria that felt like the fall season, with some festive colored leaves and the smell of pumpkin spice latte in the air.

The Squire caught up with student council member, Owen Nizzi, to get the behind the scenes scoop on what goes into planning on of the biggest homecoming activities – the homecoming dance.

The Squire: What needs to be brought to attention while planning the homecoming dance?

Owen Nizzi: You need to think about dates, ticket prices, court, buying sashes and crowns, and decorations.

TS: What was the official theme for this year’s dance and how did you choose the theme?

ON: This year’s homecoming theme was ‘Falling into Autumn.’ The theme for this year has been planned since last year so there really weren’t any other possible themes.

TS: Who was the DJ and how did they do?

ON: I believe the DJ this year was Justin Couse and we were all really happy with how he did.

TS: Who was the best dancer this year?

ON: I’m going to have to say the best dancer was Thomas Warren for obvious reasons.

TS: Did you have a date to the dance and what did you do before the dance?

ON: Yes, my date this year was the stellar Savannah McKown and we didn’t get to do anything before because my date had a soccer game in Kane.

TS: Who were the 2016 Homecoming king and queen?

ON: Our 2016 Queen was Emily Bailey and the King was Thomas Warren.

Overall this year’s dance was a great success and everybody had a lot of fun. The dance was the last big event of homecoming weekend. All of the homecoming action actually started Wednesday at school with the pep rally, followed by the annual bonfire later that night. Although there was not a powder puff football game this year, the bonfire was no letdown, as it featured a water balloon fight and much warmer weather along with, of course, the bonfire. On Friday night, Ike hosted the homecoming football game against the Iroquois Braves. The game didn’t go how the knights planned; they suffered a 45-14 loss. If you are interested contributing in next year’s homecoming, talk to our new student council advisor, Ms. Slattery, for more information. Now that homecoming is over, it’s time to start thinking ahead to prom – now’s the time to plan our the perfect promposal and work on your dance moves. It will be here before you know it!

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