Boogeying at the Homecoming Disco 

By: Haley Eckman 

  This year, homecoming was earlier than usual, taking place on September 17.  It is planned by Student Council, who did an amazing job organizing the event. The Squire interviewed Rayna Hultman, president of Student Council, to get the inside scoop on how they pulled off this early dance. 

     Before the dance could take place, the homecoming football game was a big success Friday night. Eisenhower earned a solid win against Seneca, with a final score of 46-31. It was an intense game, as Benji Bauer set the school record for most rushing touchdowns in a game. Another highlight of the evening was when Brok English and Sammy Briggs were crowned homecoming king and queen at half time. All of the events Friday night helped the entire student body feel ready to continue the homecoming festivities Saturday night.  

     The night of the dance, Student Council was well prepared. They had scheduled the DJ and got a lot of details, like crown design and theme, out of the way last spring. Ms. Slattery, last year’s advisor, was really good at planning ahead. With the new advisor, Mrs. Lobdell, on maternity leave, Mrs. Criswell was a huge help in planning this year’s dance. The Squire asked Hultman what determines the timing of homecoming, and she explained, “It depends on the availability of staff members and the DJ, which is a key aspect of the dance.” This year, our DJ was Logan Black, who did an amazing job with the music as well as the lights. His setup with the lights really added to the disco theme. 

      After a big game the night before, homecoming was a success. From the music to the decorations to the sparkling dresses, everyone seemed to embrace the disco theme, even Mrs. Beers, who danced along to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” The disco theme was decided last spring. According to Hultman, this was the choice because “All of the student council members came together during a meeting to come up with ideas which the members voted on and disco won.” The theme included records and disco balls hanging from the ceiling, as well as purple and blue lights. Even though the dance was warm and crowded in the cafeteria, the students danced the night away and made lots of memories.  

    Overall, everyone had a good time at this year’s dance. The Squire would like to thank Rayna Hultman for participating in this issue. We are excited to see what prom and next year’s homecoming will have put together. 

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