Community Drives for Eisenhower

By: Jake Ruttenbur

During homecoming week, Eisenhower held an event sponsored by Ford called Drive 4 UR School. As a part of this event, members of the community drive cars to earn money from Ford for school programs. This is the second time Eisenhower has hosted this event, and, once again, the event was a resounding success.

Anyone who drove past Eisenhower on the day of the event would have noticed a busy parking lot next to the soccer fields, with community members, parents, and teachers anxious to test drive cars and earn money for the Knights.

A number of Eisenhower parents involved in the Ike Pride organization worked with Midtown Motors to help organize the event. The parents, along with Ford employees, worked hard to make the event a success.

The Squire interviewed Kevin Ruttenbur, an Eisenhower parent and the owner of the dealership, about this program.

The Squire: What form of advertisement did you use to spread the word about this event?

Kevin Ruttenbur: We used radio as our main source of advertisement.

TS: What is the most popular vehicle driven at this event?

KR: Trucks are a big hit, and coming close second is the Escape. There was a special promotion to encourage those participating to drive the Escape this year.

TS: Why is Ford giving $10 more when they drive an Escape?

KR: Ford recently released a new body style for the escape and they want people to try the new Escape to see some of the features it has.

TS: How much money did you make last year?

KR: $7,500 total, $6000 from Ford and $1,500 from corporate sponsors. It was a great first year of the event.

TS: How much money do you plan on making this year?

KR: We’re hoping for $12,000 total; $8,000 from Ford and $4,000 from sponsors.

TS: What is this money raised going towards?

KR: The money raised is going towards an organization called Ike Pride which distributes the money between the school activities.

Overall, Drive 4 UR School is a big hit and we hope to have it again, making it an annual event and an exciting part of homecoming week at Eisenhower. It is a big producer of money for afterschool activities, and helps provide many funds for students that the school district cannot. Eisenhower would like to send big thanks to Midtown Motors for hosting this event and all of the parents and members of Ike Pride for helping to organize it. We hope to see you there next year!


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