Pepping Up EMHS for Homecoming

By: Rachel Bimber

As it is with all schools during homecoming week, Eisenhower recently held its homecoming pep rally. Every teacher and their students headed on down to the gymnasium to enjoy all of the different and entertaining events that were planned for our enjoyment.

The band played very well throughout the rally, the cheerleaders performed entertaining cheers, and random winners and audience members were chosen to partake in hilarious games and contests.

Due to the change in arrangements for the cheerleaders’ cheer, the pep rally had to be moved to the gym instead of being held outside on the football field as originally planned. Despite the last minute area change, the cheerleaders still performed a well-choreographed dance.

“I thought that the cheerleaders did very well and the cheer was very fun to watch,” junior Laura Courson stated.

At one point, all of the sports captains were asked to go out to the center of the gym to partake in a quick dodgeball match. It was a fun game to watch, but the winner received no award other than a nice pat on the back.

Later, a few audience members were chosen at random to stand in a line in the center of the gym for everyone to see. Each person was then given a Fruit-By-The-Foot roll-up and was told to unroll them and place the ends of them in their mouths. On the signal to go, each person had to eat their entire roll-up the quickest they could, without using their hands. This was an amusing game for both the contestants and the audience alike, and the winner this time not only received a pat on the back, but also a full belly.

“I enjoy seeing the school come together in support of our teams,” Mr. Shotts shared. “Although, I don’t think randomly choosing students to participate in the games is a very good idea. You could pick a student who has an unknown allergy and that wouldn’t end very well for them or for anyone.” Afterwards, each of the school’s sports and all their members were introduced to the school by being announced by Owen Nizzi, and standing up for all of the gym audience to see. Led by Thomas Warren, the football captains also each nervously took a turn giving a quick speech encouraging the students to come out and support the team by attending the homecoming football game.

To finish off a lovely pep rally, the cheerleaders all gathered together and proceeded to ask each grade level to demonstrate their Eisenhower pride by asking them about their battle cry. This was done so by the cheerleaders starting from the youngest grade and all shouting in unison, “Seventh-graders, seventh-graders, what’s your battle cry?” To which the seventh-graders would reply with shouting, “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!” This cheer was repeated throughout all of the grade levels, and each level appeared to yell louder and louder. The seniors were, undoubtedly, the winners, showing the loudest school spirit.

After all of these exciting events, the students and teachers were all dismissed, one grade at a time, to return to their lockers and head to the buses and cars to return home; thus ending a wonderful Eisenhower Middle/High School homecoming pep rally.


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