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Springing into Spring Gobbler

By: Chris Kibbey

Spring gobbler is right around the corner. It starts April 30, and runs until May 31. In 2013, the turkey population was below average due to a harsh winter, but this year the turkey population is on the rise. The hunting should be good in April due to this year’s mild winter. Many hunters have seen oodles of turkey around and are very eager to get out. Continue reading Springing into Spring Gobbler

Prom Music, and the Problem Therein

By: Grey Tucker

Prom may not be scheduled until June this year, which is far later than the norm, but it is still fast approaching and must be addressed. In previous years, there have been complaints about the music selection during both our prom and homecoming events. It does seems mildly ridiculous that the music isn’t selected by the attendees who pay a fair amount of money to attend these dances, which is instead compiled by a lackluster, middle-aged “DJ” who ends up playing twangy, repetitive country “music,” and the greatest pop-chart hits of three years ago, truly an energizing combination. “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” wasn’t a good song when it came out, and it still isn’t. Continue reading Prom Music, and the Problem Therein