Prom Music, and the Problem Therein

By: Grey Tucker

Prom may not be scheduled until June this year, which is far later than the norm, but it is still fast approaching and must be addressed. In previous years, there have been complaints about the music selection during both our prom and homecoming events. It does seems mildly ridiculous that the music isn’t selected by the attendees who pay a fair amount of money to attend these dances, which is instead compiled by a lackluster, middle-aged “DJ” who ends up playing twangy, repetitive country “music,” and the greatest pop-chart hits of three years ago, truly an energizing combination. “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” wasn’t a good song when it came out, and it still isn’t.

Music is an art; there is no doubt to the latter, and with art comes difference in opinion. Music has countless amounts of genres as well, adding to the mixture of what people want to hear while dancing. Not everyone is going to like the same type of music; however, there are certainly some strategies that could be employed to alleviate some of the conflict about which songs should be played. For example, a poll could be employed, allowing students to write down three songs they want to hear played at the dance. Every time a song is written down, it could be tallied as a point, and compiled into a playlist based upon the highest to lowest scores reflecting on the amount of songs needed to cover the entire prom event. Regardless of the method used to decide, something must be done if we are to improve upon prior prom experiences.

The Squire sat down with local student and music aficionado, Derek Lasecki, and asked him a few questions on what he thought about previous prom playlists, and what sorts of music he hopes to hear this year.

The Squire: What are some of your favorite types of music?

Derek Lasecki: I like a lot of rap, some new and some old, and I don’t mind the occasional ‘90s grunge song as well.

TS: What did you think of last year’s prom’s music selection?

DL: I wasn’t impressed to say the least; I do not like country music as it is, and it was just boring hearing songs that were mildly enjoyable four years ago.

TS: If you could pick three songs that would be guaranteed to play during the dance, what would they be?

DL: I would have to go with “679” by Fetty Wap, “Hide” by N.S.F.A, and something by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Thanks to Derek for those enlightening answers. As one can see, something must be done to provide a better musical experience for everyone involved. Whether it requires employing a different DJ, or simply polling students on what songs they want to hear, action must be taken if we are to trump previous years mistakes and disappointments.

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