Springing into Spring Gobbler

By: Chris Kibbey

Spring gobbler is right around the corner. It starts April 30, and runs until May 31. In 2013, the turkey population was below average due to a harsh winter, but this year the turkey population is on the rise. The hunting should be good in April due to this year’s mild winter. Many hunters have seen oodles of turkey around and are very eager to get out. The Squire caught up with the master of turkey hunting himself, Jeremy “Do it” Carlson A.K.A Jeff Junior.

The Squire: How often do you go out scouting for turkey and when’s the best time to go looking?

Jeremy: Every day, dusk to dawn. Eyes to the sky, and keep your head on a swivel.

TS: Which do you prefer more, spring or fall turkey and why?

JC: It doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m killing it.

TS: What is your favorite type of call to use to persuade those tricky turkeys?

JC: I was born with a natural talent; I don’t need a call. I grew up with the turkeys and I’m half gobbler.

TS: Why don’t you go hunting with Jeff?

JC: He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

TS: Where is your favorite place to hunt for turkey?

JC: The best place to look is the boonies.

TS: What’s your biggest turkey?

JC: 50 pounder, 18 inch beard with three inch spurs.

TS: Have you ever accidentally killed a turkey out of season?

JC: You know what they say; the best time to kill a turkey is when you see one.

Well, there you have it from the master himself. He’s pretty confident going into this season with good reason, because he’s the best. Jeremy had a very good teacher, his uncle, who also finds his birds, shoots them, carries them out, plucks them, and eats them for him. If you’re interested in hunting for a gobbler, make sure to get your license.

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