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Creating a Wellness Pantry for Eisenhower

By: Emily Rutsky

National Honor Society and Student Council are introducing something new to this school year. They are creating a Wellness Pantry to benefit students in our school to help them with items they may need throughout the week and weekend. The grand opening of the pantry took place on Friday, March 3. The Squire sat down with National Honor Society’s president, Hosanna Senz, to get all the details on the new Wellness Pantry. Continue reading Creating a Wellness Pantry for Eisenhower

Being a Male Cheerleader

By: Adam Pascuzzi

Being a male cheerleader is probably one of the most interesting sports here at EHS. Apart from being around girls all the time, you get to learn a dance and stunt routine. There is winter cheerleading, where you cheer for the boys at their basketball games, and then there is competitive cheer, where you go to competitions and compete against other squads. Continue reading Being a Male Cheerleader

Girls’ Sports Wrap up Seasons

By: Ross Venman

The girls’ sports teams have been very competitive this year, participating in basketball, competitive cheer, and indoor soccer. The basketball team has done well, finishing the regular season with an 8-14 record. The cheerleaders have been supporting the men’s basketball team at all of their home games, while the girl’s indoor team has been improving their soccer skills for the upcoming fall season. One of our wonderful The Squire members interviewed the outstanding Coach Logue about their girls’ basketball season. Continue reading Girls’ Sports Wrap up Seasons