Hex-tra Exciting Halloween Movies

By: Taylor Napolitan 

     Now that fall is here, Halloween is creeping around the corner, and so are everyone’s favorite spooky movies. Disney’s 1993 Hocus Pocus is the most watched Halloween movie, according to http://www.businessinsider.com. Their research from 2018 shows that the top movie surprisingly isn’t a horror movie. This teen tale of a Covent of 17th century evil witches who are found to be terrorizing children in Salem, Massachusetts, has gained a large following. 

     This movie starts out in Salem, Massachusetts in the early 17th century where we see a flashback of the witches’ “attack,” sucking the life out of a little girl. The girl’s brother, Thackery Binx, finds her, and the witches turn him into a black cat. The witches get caught and are sentenced to be hanged, when they threaten a curse upon the town, claiming, “My ungodly book speaks to you. On All Hallows’ Eve when the moon is round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground. We shall be back! And the lives of all the children shall be mine!” 300 years go by, and we are in a classroom where a teacher is telling them the story of the Sanderson sisters. We are introduced to our main protagonist, Max Dennison, who is skeptical of this tale.  

     Max goes home from school and takes his little sister Dani trick or treating. While doing this, the two go to a house and meet with Max’s school crush, Allison. Allison tells them that her parents owned the Sanderson Museum, but that it is now closed. The three of them go to the house and Max lights the candle, bringing the witches back. With the help of a magical cat, Thackery Binx, the kids must steal the witches’ book of spells to stop them from becoming immortal.  

     This PG rated movie is sure to keep your friends, family, and yourself entertained this Halloween. Additionally, this movie is 96 minutes long and can be watched on Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.   

     The Squire interviewed Jordyn Cooper, an employee at the Warren Dipson Movie Theater, for an inside scoop on the movies that will be featured this Halloween season at the Warren Movie Theater. Jordyn shared that this month the movies that will be showing are: “Venom: Let There Be Carnage and The Addams Family 2. The new Venom movie, Let There Be Carnage, is the sequel to the original Venom movie filmed in 2018. The Addams Family 2 is also a sequel. This series is the animated version of the original that was filmed in 1991. She adds that this is a Halloween movie, so it is being shown in two theaters.  

     Jordyn is looking forward to watching The Addams Family 2 movie the most. “The 1991 version was one of my favorite Halloween movies to watch as a kid.” She adds that the film also interested her because one of her favorite actors, Finn Wolfhard, is in the film. Horror movies are the most popular movies shown at the theater, which surprised Jordyn with the various age groups going to see them. She advises that you should try and stay clear of the theater on Saturday nights because they are the busiest. Since working at the theater, Jordyn has enjoyed her time there and hopes you come in to see these movies!  

     Whether you are watching these films from the comfort of your own home while eating some pumpkin rolls (check out our article Rolling into Fall Baking for a quick and easy recipe) or in the dark theater with friends, these movies are ones you surely will not want to miss!  

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