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Getting the Right Camera for You

By: Aden Savko 

     With many camera choices out there, deciding what camera is right for you can feel so overwhelming. Even when you do your research, there is no substitute for hands on experience with a certain camera. Everyone has different taste, so there will never be the perfect camera for everybody, but, with so many choices, there is a camera out there somewhere that is perfect for you.  

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Finding the Perfect Netflix Shows

By: Brittany Smith 

     As many students continue to experience quarantine throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Netflix is more popular than ever. There are a lot of new shows on Netflix that have been added in the new year. Some of the new shows and movies on Netflix are FATE: The Winx Saga, Bridgerton, Finding O’Hana, Malcolm and Marie, and many more. Netflix is always trying to put more shows and movies on that they think the audience will like.  

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