Finding the Perfect Netflix Shows

By: Brittany Smith 

     As many students continue to experience quarantine throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Netflix is more popular than ever. There are a lot of new shows on Netflix that have been added in the new year. Some of the new shows and movies on Netflix are FATE: The Winx Saga, Bridgerton, Finding O’Hana, Malcolm and Marie, and many more. Netflix is always trying to put more shows and movies on that they think the audience will like.  

     The Squire interviewed Netflix fanatic, Julia Haight, to find out what she thinks about the new shows. We first asked Julia to list her all-time favorite shows that have been on Netflix, and she shared that she’s really enjoyed The Office, That 70’s Show, Friends, and Parks and Recreation. Julia says her favorite new show that recently put-on Netflix is Shiddts Creek because it is funny, lighthearted and the dad and the son wrote the show themselves.  

     When we asked her how Netflix changed in recent years, she responded with, “It took off all of the good shows and added bad shows to it.” We also asked Julia about a show that was removed from Netflix that they should put back on and Julia said, “The Office because it is always funny and a comfort show.” Lastly, she explained some changes she wishes Netflix would make, saying, “I wish that it would stop making shows that are already out there you know? Like everything they make is the same thing repeatedly. It would be nice to see something different.” 

     Netflix has changed a lot over the years, removing a bunch of popular shows and movies, but putting a lot of new ones on there.  

     Netflix is always offering a whole bunch of new shows and movies in all kinds of different genres, including comedies, horror, mystery, kids, romantic, and so much more. Whatever kind of series you want to start watching or movie you want to check out with your friends and family, Netflix has it. If you do not have a Netflix account but see something that you like and would love to watch, ask your parents if you can get an account, or ask a friend if you could borrow theirs. Check out the new shows and find one that’s perfect for you! 

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