Seniors Samara Warren and Brian Stein learn how to cast votes from the League of Women Voters.

The League of Women Voters Visits Eisenhower

Mr.Penley’s Government classes were visited today, February 24, by the League of Women Voters. Students had the opportunity to work along side the volunteers from the league and register to vote for this upcoming election. Senior, Kayla Kuppertz, shared her experience registering to vote, saying, “The ladies were very nice and helpful, it was a very simply process. I suggest that everyone of voting age registers and fulfills their civic duty.” The volunteers had a lot of insight to offer the class about how the voting process works. Students observed example papers, which provided them with knowledge about absentee ballots. At the end of the class period, students were allowed to experience first hand how a voting machine works. The students were very appreciative that the league took the time to educate them about young people’s participation in the government.


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