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Picking a New Advisory Class

By: Bridgette Gourley

In past years, our advisory was in the middle of the school day, right between morning and afternoon classes. This year, it has been moved to the last class of the day, right after seventh period. Our principal, Mrs. Alm, thought that it would be easier for everyone if advisory was at the end of the day because some students leave for sports and other activities. Many people like the idea that advisory is at the end of the day because they can just take a break until the bell rings at 3:14. This year, students were able to choose clubs that interested them to participate in for a whole semester. With the new semester just starting, and now that the Keystones retakes are done until spring, everybody has a choice of whatever advisory that they want! Continue reading Picking a New Advisory Class

Preparing for Mr. EHS

By: Caroline Smelko

Every year at Eisenhower High School, senior high boys have the chance to compete to be the king of Eisenhower in the annual Mr. EHS competition. The competition is put on by Eisenhower Journalism, and consists of categories including school spirit, talent, the knight challenge, and formal wear. The event is a humorous take on a beauty pageant, while also building Eisenhower school spirit. For example, while contestants are in their formal attire, they will answer fishbowl questions modeled after “Miss America,” and during the school spirit segment, they answer questions about the school. These categories are judged and scored by the most trustworthy faculty members here at Eisenhower High School. Last year, the crowned king was senior, Alex Barnett, as his poetry readings really won over the judges. Continue reading Preparing for Mr. EHS

Looking ahead to Graduation

By: Dakota Chase

As we enter the second half of the school year, the anticipation for graduation builds for the seniors. The decisions seniors face, like where to go to college, what to do after school, and even whether or not to study for finals, can shake the seniors’ focus. Fun events like prom, senior trip, picnics, and the senior skip days can make them lose their focus on the grades they need to maintain. Continue reading Looking ahead to Graduation