Picking a New Advisory Class

By: Bridgette Gourley

In past years, our advisory was in the middle of the school day, right between morning and afternoon classes. This year, it has been moved to the last class of the day, right after seventh period. Our principal, Mrs. Alm, thought that it would be easier for everyone if advisory was at the end of the day because some students leave for sports and other activities. Many people like the idea that advisory is at the end of the day because they can just take a break until the bell rings at 3:14. This year, students were able to choose clubs that interested them to participate in for a whole semester. With the new semester just starting, and now that the Keystones retakes are done until spring, everybody has a choice of whatever advisory that they want!

     When asked whether she agreed that every student should get to choose their advisory. Katie explained, “Yes, because most kids want to be with their friends and you want to pick something you enjoy. I chose spike ball, and board games because they both sounded super fun!” Through a survey, students can pick from many options including, mindful coloring, voice lessons, and knot tying.

The Squire also asked Elmquist about the pros/cons of advisory being in the middle of the day vs at the end. Katie shared that, “A pro of it being at the end of the day is that you can leave right after, but a con is that after seventh period, everyone just wants to leave and not go to advisory.” A pro of having it in the middle of the day is that “everyone could just get a break in the middle of the day, but a con was that after advisory nobody wanted to go back to doing school work and focus.”

Lastly, The Squire asked Katie Elmquist a couple more questions on her thoughts regarding how many advisories should be offered. She said, “I agree with two because if we had more we wouldn’t have time for the advisories that we enjoy the most.” Katie went on to explain that she does wish that one advisory would be added to the list, “There should be one study hall instead of advisory so that if people need to do homework then they can.”

We hope you enjoy the advisory changes that have been made this year. Make sure you choose an exciting, and fun advisory for the end of the day! If you wish there were any additional advisory choices, make sure you stop in and talk to Mrs. Alm so she can hopefully add it to next year’s list.

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