Giving Your Significant Other a Great Gift for Christmas

By: Kiley Youngberg 

     As the holiday season approaches, some people might have trouble figuring out what to buy their boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas. From a homemade gift from the heart to a special delivery from Amazon, the options are endless. The Squire decided to interview senior, Tyson Morrison, to see what suggestions he had.  

     In The Squire’s interview with Tyson, he said that he is going to get his girlfriend food for Christmas because, “Who doesn’t love food?”. Tyson commented on what he thought was the appropriate amount to spend on a significant other at Christmas time. He said that spending $25 is the perfect amount for your boyfriend or girlfriend’s gift. Some other gift ideas for your girlfriend include makeup, hoodies, or throw blankets. You could also get her fluffy socks.  

     If you are worried about where to buy your gifts from, Walmart and Amazon are quick and easy options. Makeup may cost $10-$15 depending on the brand. Hoodies can cost up to $65, but during the holiday season you can find great deals to get a hoodie for much cheaper. The fluffy blankets can cost up to $10 and the cozy socks cost no more than $5. 

     You can also buy your boyfriend’s gifts from Walmart or Amazon. Some gift ideas include tools, hoodies, or something unique, like a lava lamp. Tools can cost up to $30, depending on what you get. Hoodies cost about the same for boys as they do for girls. Lava lamps can cost up to $25, depending on where you get it. 

     Make sure to get your boyfriend or girlfriend a special gift for Christmas this year. Although it can be hard to go out to stores this year because of COVID-19, there are plenty of online stores to shop at. If you cannot go out, try being creative and making something for them. Here are some ideas that you can use if you are making it yourself: You can make a homemade card, a bracelet, or a necklace, or you could bake something from scratch. You can also make rings, paintings, or, if you wanted to be really creative, you could Paper Mache. Good luck finding or creating that unique gift for your significant other this holiday season. 

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