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Transitioning Between Learning Options

By: Maddison Blose 

     Imagine waking up every day and connecting to your class online, everyone with their mics and cameras off, working silently. Sounds boring, right? The online version of teaching and learning is relatively new to many teachers and students, and a recent rise in COVID-19 cases resulted in a temporary transition to remote learning. Many teachers and students were glad to be away, while others struggled and wished we were still learning in person.  Looking at both options, which one do you prefer? 

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Middle School Students Compete in Spelling Bee

By: Delaney Chase

Recently here at Eisenhower, the middle school students have worked very hard to prepare for the annual Spelling Bee, which took place on January 16 in the Eisenhower auditorium. After many tough rounds, sixth grader, Rachel Cubertson, spelled her way to first place. The Squire interviewed eighth grade teacher and Spelling Bee manager, Miss Livingston, about the event.

The Squire asked Miss Livingston about the history of the Middle School Spelling Bee. She shared that Eisenhower has been participating for many years in the competition. Miss Livingston stated, “This year, it was a middle school team effort.” Miss Livingston, Mrs. Gignac, and Mr. Heubach all served as judges of the Bee with the pronouncer being Mrs. Richardson.

When asked why she wanted to be involved in the spelling bee, Miss Livingston gave some helpful advice for students in the future. “As a language arts teacher, I believe spelling is an important skill. Even though we may have computer spell checkers, it is still important to know how to spell correctly or at least utilize resources to find the correct spellings. Sometimes the computer isn’t as smart as you think it is. This is especially important when it comes to career and college ready items. I have heard of employers dismissing applications because of misspellings, which could have been corrected if the applicant took the time to read it over and proofread.” The Spelling Bee is a good way to improve your spelling skills and prepare for your future.

The Squire asked Miss Livingston how the students got ready for the competition. She explained that the best way to do so is through practice. Reading and writing, which the students really enjoy, were also helpful.

The winner, Rachel Cubertson, and runner up, Rhiannon Cook, will move on to compete in the district Spelling Bee at Beaty Middle School on February 6. The two alternates, Kendra Danielson and Jenna Punch, will also attend and compete if the winners cannot be present. Miss Livingston shared how the students will prepare, stating, “They will be given some practice lists, which are released to all the students across the district who are participating.”

Congratulations to the winners and good luck at your next competition!



Brody Porter Blocks his Way into the Student Spotlight

By: Logan Abbott

Porter. A name associated with football, hunting, weightlifting, and being an all-around good guy. It is for these reasons that junior, Brody Porter, is the candidate for this edition of The Squire’s Student Spotlight.

Among his many positive qualities, Brody is a pretty smart guy and goes to the Warren County Career Center to widen his horizons on what he wants to do in the future. At WCCC, he takes the Auto Tech class, which he not only enjoys, but will also prepare him for what he wants to do when he gets older, as he shared, “that’s just my career choice.”

As well as being a good guy in the classroom, Mr. Porter also represents Eisenhower well on the field. He is a standout on the Eisenhower football team, playing on the offensive line. When asked about his goals for the upcoming football season, he explained that he wants to help the team in any way possible and win the District 10 Championship as well as going undefeated. The Squire wishes Brody the best of luck and hopes that he and the rest of the EHS football team accomplish their goals.

When Brody is not at school, he spends his spare time outside in ways city kids could only dream of. When The Squire asked him about his hobbies, he replied by saying, “I like riding dirt bikes.” He also likes to spend quality time with his girlfriend.

As a teammate and a classmate, one of the things that impresses The Squire most is that Brody is respectful to adults and other peers in the classroom. He is a kind person, as he helps the underclassmen on the football team learn the plays and the formations. Because of his calm, good-natured personality, he is often called a very courteous person by his peers and his teachers.

Brody is respectful and kind to others, as we can see around the campus of Eisenhower. He is constantly giving people advice and bits of positive encouragement. So, next time you see Brody around, say hi, and wish him congratulations for being this issue of The Squire’s Student Spotlight.