Looking ahead to Graduation

By: Dakota Chase

As we enter the second half of the school year, the anticipation for graduation builds for the seniors. The decisions seniors face, like where to go to college, what to do after school, and even whether or not to study for finals, can shake the seniors’ focus. Fun events like prom, senior trip, picnics, and the senior skip days can make them lose their focus on the grades they need to maintain.

Graduation is a big stepping-stone in life; it is a gateway to adulthood. The steps we take after high school set up our futures in the work force and finding careers for ourselves. For some seniors, graduation is a scary ordeal and can be intimidating, but, with a few tips from some EHS seniors, it can help make it easier.

Thomas Baran, a senior at EHS, is preparing to be a HVAC technician after he graduates. Thomas has stated that it is important to relax and hang out with friends that keep you focused and who will keep you on the right track. Having a clear goal is important, and, with a clear goal, you will keep your grades high.

Although Mr. Baran is going right in the work force, Ally Mineweaser is preparing to go to college. Ms. Mineweaser is applying to a four-year college, she is staying focused because she knows how critical it is to maintain good grades. She is aware how colleges really pay attention to grades. She is also applying to as many scholarships as possible; she says, ‘It is basically free money.” Ms. Mineweaser said she is looking forward to graduation, but “It is still sad to leave the people you have known for a big chunk of your life, and scary to move onto a new part of your life.”  When asked how she deals with stress, she stated that having a job can help distract yourself if you are feeling stressed. All and all, Ms. Mineweaser is looking forward to her future and is excited to see where life leads her.

If you are a senior preparing for graduation, see the guidance office for scholarships. They can also help with any questions you may have regarding graduation or anything involving college. Don’t be afraid to talk to your parents, teachers, or friends if you are feeling overwhelmed. The Squire wishes the graduating seniors the best of luck in wherever life leads them.

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