Homecoming King and Queen Crowned 

By: Alyssa Wismar  

     The date was September 16, 2022. The lights were shining on the football field, the home team was up by 19 points, and the crowd was decorated with the brightest blue and gold imaginable. With two quarters of the game complete, it was time for one of the main attractions – announcing the Homecoming King and Queen.  

     To most high schoolers, being nominated and crowned Homecoming King or Queen is a tremendous and exciting opportunity. The elected royalty can keep their crowns as a stunning memento of their high school career, have their pictures in the yearbook, crown the new king and queen for the year after their senior year, and dance the night away at the Homecoming dance while feeling especially regal. 

    The Squire asked the Homecoming Queen of 2021, Audrey Kellogg, a few questions as to how she felt about being crowned Homecoming Queen, to get an insider’s perspective on the experience. Kellogg said that her favorite perk of being crowned was “… getting to be recognized at the Big 30 football game as Eisenhower’s Homecoming Queen.” The Big 30 game is where senior football players from all around Pennsylvania play against seniors from all around New York. Even a year later, participating in this event is still a fond memory for Kellogg, proving that some memories made in high school leave a lasting impression.  She also elaborated on how she felt when she was crowned, stating that it was, even more memorable because, “…I didn’t expect it at all, so I was very excited.” 

     To become the Homecoming King and Queen, students must be nominated to be on Homecoming Court by their peers and then elected by the entire high school to earn the crown. Even though seniors are the only grade that can actually be elected Homecoming King and Queen, one pair from each grade below is also elected to be on the Homecoming Court as representatives for their grade level, along with the full senior class court. This year, Cameron Jacubzak and Samantha Childs represented the Freshman class; Cole Yurchisin and Emily Grosch represented the Sophomore class, and Shawn Pascuzzi and Mikenzie Miller represented the Junior class on the Homecoming Court. 

     The 2022 senior couples running for the crown were Madison Cathcart, escorted by Michael Vanetta; Brooke Anderson, escorted by Austin Hannold; Rayna Hultman, escorted by Wyatt Lookenhouse; Samantha Briggs, escorted by Brok English; Alyssa Fuchs, escorted by Garrett Jenson; and Kailee Morrison, escorted by Logan Fincher.  

      After all of the nominees arrived at the fifty-yard line riding in style in the back of a pick-up truck, every spectator in the stands was sitting on the edge of their seats, excited to hear this year’s Homecoming royalty. When it was announced that Brok English and Samantha Briggs were now the 2022 Homecoming Queen and King, everyone was ecstatic. With the help of a young cheerleader from the cheerleading minicamp, Kellogg crowned the 2022 Queen and King, passing on her role of royalty. 

     The Squire talked with English and Briggs to ask them for their perspective on their magical night. The new school royals said that neither of them expected to be crowned that night, which helped to make the experience all the more special for the two of them. Briggs was especially shocked because she shared that the experience, “… means a lot to me, especially because I transferred last year and have made a lot of new friends.” The couple both adored the crowns they received, and it was even Briggs’ favorite perk about being crowned! Kellogg added that the experience of crowning the happy couple was more special for her, because Briggs is her cousin, and that brought the whole experience closer to her. 

     Being a part of the Homecoming Court, the couple got to participate in different events at the school’s pep rally. Brigg’s favorite memory of the rally was walking out with her boyfriend and getting recognized by the whole school, while English loved the volleyball game that was held – especially winning against the girls on the Homecoming Court.  

     The Squire congratulates the now royal couple once again and is happy to be able to witness and record their magical evening. Check out Squire Snaps section of The Squire’s online newspaper to see more pictures from the big night.  

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