Shining our Spotlight on Mr. Taylor 

By: Abigail Grunden 

    This year at Eisenhower High School, we are welcoming a handful of new teachers. Every year, we get new staff and students and do our best to introduce them to everyone at EHS. Each edition of The Squire features a student and teacher. Not all who get featured are new, but we like for everyone to get to know new teachers and make it easier for them to join our EHS community. Our spotlight is shining on our new history teacher, Mr. Taylor. The Squire asked Mr. Taylor a few questions so could get to know him better. 

The Squire: How long have you been a teacher? 

Mr. Taylor: I have been a teacher for 17 years.  

TS: What class(es) do you teach? 

Mr. T: I teach US History II, Contemporary Domestic Issues, Contemporary Global Issues, Social Studies Eighth Grade, and Sixth Grade English. 

TS: How has your experience at Eisenhower been so far? 

Mr. T: Hectic! There are many great things about this school and a few I’m getting used to. 

TS: Where have you previously taught, and what subjects? 

Mr. T: I was a film studies professor at Lancaster University in England for two years before moving to Florida, where I taught at a high school for fourteen years. I taught several different English classes as well as AP European History. My old school also adopted the Cambridge AICE curriculum and used to teach AICE General Paper and Global Perspectives. 

TS: What other interesting information would you like Eisenhower to know about you? 

Mr. T: I only became a teacher when I was 25, before then I was a mountain climbing guide, military instructor, and semi-professional rugby player! 

  It was great for The Squire to get to share some information on Mr. Taylor with Eisenhower’s students and staff.  We appreciate Mr. Taylor taking the time to answer some of our questions and we hope he has a great year with us! Don’t forget to check The Squire for a ‘Student Spotlight’ and our next edition of ‘Teacher Spotlight.’ 

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