Conquer Cabin Fever

By: Kyler Black

     As the long and cold winter months continue, ideas for keeping busy inside on a snow day run low and are becoming thin. The Squire has you covered, with entertaining ideas to do on these boring days. Snow days can be very cold outside to the point were going outdoors just is not fun, so you need ways to be warmed up. When you start to get cabin fever, indoors can be just as fun as the outdoors.

     For many people, a nice large cup of hot chocolate or cup of coffee can warm them up on the snowy cold days, but a nice warm shower and wearing extra layers of clothing are other great ways to warm up. While wearing those warm clothes, you can sit around and enjoy time with your family. When enjoying family time on a snowy day, Ms. Walter, the librarian at Eisenhower Middle High School, says her favorite thing to do first in the morning is “To make a good breakfast, read a good book with a cup of hot cocoa in my fuzzy pajamas, bake cookies and do puzzles.”

     While that might seem like the perfect morning to some, for others, that might not be your ideal snow day. So, The Squire asked Gabe Walter, a sixth student at Eisenhower, what his favorite thing to do on a snow day is. Gabe responded, “Play my Xbox, do experiments, build things, and wrestle with my dogs.”  The Squire then asked him what the best video game to play is on a snow day he said, “Farming simulator,” while Ms. Walter added her favorite is Mario Kart.

     When Ms. Walter isn’t playing games, doing puzzles, or keeping Gabe from trouble, she also mentioned reading books and, in particular, she shared, “A local author wrote a book with a character with NF1 in it, which is the disorder Gabe has. She dedicated the book to us, which was so exciting. It is called Rescuing Her Ranch by Lisa Jordan. It’s kind of a love story.” Reading books are a great way to keep busy on the snow days. See Ms. Walter in the library for more great snowy day book recommendations.

     While staying inside from the cold, you also stay busy by baking and cooking numerous foods. A nice warm cookie or brownie are always great ways to keep you busy and warm you up. Another food you could make is a pie to share around the dinner table for dessert. After you stay in and enjoy the food you just baked or cooked, you could sit down and relax by watching some Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or any other type of streaming services to satisfy you when bored. These cold times are a great opportunity to binge watch that tv show or movies series you have been waiting to watch.

     When the cold snow starts to blow, make sure to stay busy on the snow days. This winter, stay warm, have fun, and enjoy family time. Make sure to keep The Squire’s tips and information in mind when you’re bored on cold snow days indoors.

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