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Conquer Cabin Fever

By: Kyler Black

     As the long and cold winter months continue, ideas for keeping busy inside on a snow day run low and are becoming thin. The Squire has you covered, with entertaining ideas to do on these boring days. Snow days can be very cold outside to the point were going outdoors just is not fun, so you need ways to be warmed up. When you start to get cabin fever, indoors can be just as fun as the outdoors.

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Gifting this Valentine’s Day

By: Haley Eckman

     With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some may be wondering: What do I get my significant other without breaking the bank? Some options are simple, like just buying chocolates or flowers, but many choose to do it themselves. Some great DIY Valentine’s gifts to give could include bath bombs or paper flowers.

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Celebrating a Lovely Single Valentine’s Day

By: Avalynne Russell

     As love and the delicious smell of chocolate fills the air this Valentine’s Day season, you may find yourself without a lover to celebrate with. But thankfully for this mid-winter issue, The Squire, with a little help from sophomore, Cali Chapman, brings you three ways that you can celebrate this lovely season by yourself or with your other single friends.

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