Garrett Bailey Sacks His Way into the Student Spotlight

By: Alex Durante

For this spring edition of The Squire, we have chosen to interview yet another senior. Someone who is more powerful than every past senior interviewee combined. Far more powerful. A rediscovered athlete that gets his kicks from playing hacky sack and rocking out. It’s none other than the great Garrett Bailey, or “G. Bails,” as his classmates call him.

Garrett is graduating this year, and tells us that he is going to miss school, but he is happy to “get into the outside world.” It’s a cold, tough world out there, though, and money is what makes it go ‘round. Bailey has already figured that out. This summer he plans on getting a job at the United Refining Company, since he has family that works there. He will be working in a warehouse, and plans to later attend college for becoming an architect or a mechanic.

Going back quite some time, Garrett attended the radical Russell Elementary School. He has been attending Eisenhower since he was in sixth grade, in the pre–renovation days. Looking back, he doesn’t have one favorite memory. There were just “too many good memories” to choose from, but one specific category that stands out is “all the stupid stuff we used to do in class,” as well as “how crazy my class was.”

He’s not doing any stupid stuff in class nowadays, and says his favorite class this year is third period Government & Economics with Mr. Penley. His favorite thing about it is “Mr. Penley’s great stories.” Those of us who have class with Garrett that period will remember all the crazy stories Mr. Penley has told. We couldn’t ever forget Garrett’s (sometimes) controversial comebacks to his stories, which some might say are even crazier.

When there’s down time here at school, you can catch Garrett playing hacky sack with his buddies or cranking some tunes on his phone. His favorite types of music are classic rock and 90’s alternative, which is probably now considered “classic.” His favorite band is Led Zeppelin and his favorite song by them is the 1979 classic hit “Fool in the Rain.” He was a proud owner of AirPods – a type of headphones from Apple. We say was due to the fact that they recently went missing, so, if you see any AirPods laying around the school, they’re probably his.

Outside of school, his hobbies include hunting, fishing, and shooting trap. He also participates in motocross, which is one of his lifelong traditions. It’s “a lot of fun,” and “just a contest every time, because the track’s never the same.”

Mr. Bailey is making the final months of his senior year count by participating in a school sport – something he has not done in a long time. He is playing baseball, a sport that he loves. He joined this year because he “needed a team,” and used to play when he “was a younger lad.” This year, he participates by playing outfield and being third base coach.

Garrett Bailey is certainly an interesting fella. If you see him around the halls, don’t be shy. He’s a pretty down to earth, easy to talk to, guy. You might even be able to get some athletic advice out of the sportsman. He’s an all-around stunner, and we know that will take him far in the future. Maybe someday if you buy a house, the “G. Bails” Construction Company will be building it or designing it. He’ll probably have more than enough money to buy some new AirPods, then!­­ Best of luck in the future, Garrett!

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