Girls Spring Sports Have a Season to Remember

By: Delaney Chase 

     Although many sports and activities have been affected by Covid in the last year, spring sports has had the worst of it. The teams lost their entire 2020 season due to the Pandemic, and therefore lost a lot of critical time to play and improve. This has not held either the softball, or girl’s track team back from having seasons to remember. 

     Girl’s track has had a challenging start to the season, as they are still working to get their first win. With a small team this year, the girls track team has one senior, Nataly Clark, who was previously interviewed in the sports segment of The Squire’s news show. To see this interview, visit our YouTube channel, EMHS Squire, and watching the W-IKE news episode from April 1. In this interview, Clark mentions the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and some of her own personal goals. This interview takes place in the video titled 04-01-21. 

     The softball team has also been working hard to get their 2021 season into full swing. The Squire sat down with senior first basemen, Alex Pascuzzi, to learn more about this year’s team. Alex shared that she feels the team’s greatest strength is fielding, saying, “We make a lot of very good plays.” She also shared that she felt the team’s greatest weakness is batting, “We just can’t seem to get our bats going quick enough. We also get into our own heads a lot and that is where the errors start.” When asked how this season is different from previous years due to Covid, Alex responded, “This season is definitely different from other seasons because we didn’t have all of the Covid restrictions before.” The team is required to wear masks for practices, bus rides, and while not on the field during games.  

     The Squire also asked Pascuzzi how the team plans to improve as the season progresses. She explained that two years ago, the team had a very good second half of the season, and Pascuzzi would love to recreate that for her final year of softball, “We started our sophomore year similar to this one, losing games. Hopefully, we can turn it around like we did before and start winning them.” She also explained, “After our game against Cambridge, we start playing the same teams over again and hopefully we can use this to our advantage. To improve, our team plans to keep working in the batting cage and doing bonding activities so we can work better together as a team.” The Squire also asked Pascuzzi to predict how she believes the rest of the season will go. “I predict that we will get our bats moving and start winning some games! The teams we play are definitely beatable; we just have to want it and give 110%.” The girls’ softball team currently is working hard towards improving their record and winning more games.  

     Good luck to all our spring sports this season! Check out our boy’s spring sports article also on The Squire. Make sure to stay up to date on all the Eisenhower sports news through our Twitter and Instagram! 

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