Chiefs and Buccaneers Face Off in Super Bowl LV

By: Dillon Benson 

     This year’s Super Bowl took place on February 7, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. At the end of the regular season, the Chiefs ended with 14-2 record while the Buccaneers finished with a record of 11-5. Both teams have wonderful offenses that scored points in numerous tough situations. The Chiefs have former MVP, Patrick  Mahomes, at quarterback, followed by all-star, Travis Kelce, at tight end and Tyree Hill at wide receiver. On the other side of the ball, the Buccaneers have an offense full of all-stars. It all starts with 6-time Super Bowl Champ, 4-time Super Bowl MVP, and 3-time League MVP Tom Brady, who is said to be one of the best players in NFL history. Brady is followed by offensive all-stars, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Lenard Fournette, and one of the best recorded receivers,  Antonio Brown, returning for his first season since 2018.  

     When The Squire interviewed Eisenhower senior Owen Trumbull about each teams’ advantages, he said, “Starting with the Chiefs, I think that they have quite the offensive force with Patrick, Tyreek, and Travis Kelce, as well as a strong defense. For the Bucs, they have the G.O.A.T. of Tom Brady leading their offense as well as Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Those two are quite the threat because as everyone knows, ‘YOU CAN’T GUARD MIKE.’” As you can see, both teams are full of talent and had a lot of potential to win the game. 

     Both teams have an extremely strong records due to their high-powered offenses full of all-stars. Many fans predicted that the game could go either way, but I personally think that the game came down to whomever made the most stops on defense. The Squire staff posted an Instagram poll to see what our followers thought about the outcome of the game. Out of 94 total voters, 69 people believe that the Chiefs would win, whereas 25 people said they thought the Buccaneers would pull through.     

     The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year. With millions of people watching, there is a lot of pressure on the teams. Even though most people will not be attending like normal, this Super Bowl had the most viewers of all time. Every year, there are  so many memories made for so many people. When The Squire asked senior Logan Abbott about his favorite Super Bowl memory, he said, “The legendary helmet catch to help set up the game winning touchdown for the New York Giants in 2007 was definitely something to remember.” Every year these pro athletes make memories and plays that the world will remember forever.  

     Sunday night February 7, 2021 more memories were created as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were named Super Bowl LV champions. The Chiefs seemed to never really get anything started, as the Buccaneers defense made numerous stops to hold them to only nine points. While it seems the other way around for the Buccaneers, they scored three  touchdowns in the first half, making their lead at halftime 21-6. The Chiefs were only allowed a field goal in the whole second half, while the Buccaneers put up a touchdown and a field goal extending their lead to 31 and making the final score of Super Bowl LV 31-9. The win makes the Buccaneers world champions and gives Tom Brady his seventh Super Bowl ring. With Brady securing victory, he now has won more Super Bowls than any player or any team in NFL history.  

     Every year the Super Bowl is a game to remember, and this year’s  Super Bowl was no exception as the two high-powered offenses faced off. Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!  

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