Having Fun at Holiday Events

By: Brittany Smith 

      Usually, everyone likes this part of year in Warren County because we have holiday events. It is always a fun time to hang out with friends and family and get in the holiday spirit through attending different holiday events in different places. In Warren, Sugar Grove, and Youngsville, they have their Christmas Walks, which are each unique in their own way. 

     In Warren, they typically have the annual parade, a window display, and Santa. The Squire interviewed Alex Passcuzzi, as she has been to the Warren Christmas Walk. Alex says her favorite part of the Christmas Walk is the pretty decorated shops and the parade.

We asked her what she thought would be different from the event now that there is a pandemic and she said, “There won’t be as many people to make the night magical, there will probably be a lot of masks so you won’t see the smiling people… they will probably limit the number of people in the shops.” Alex says when participating in holiday events such as this remember to keep yourself and others safe. You should socially distance, wear a mask, and watch live streams from home if possible. Some elements of the Warren Christmas Walk were altered slightly due to concerns about Covid, but the spirit of the event was still there.

We also asked her how this event brings people together for the holidays. Alex stated that it “spreads the Christmas spirit. There’s usually food, everyone loves food, right? And all the pretty lights and Christmas music. People like to meet friends there, families usually come out with their children, and it is just a tradition that gets everyone excited for the holiday.” Finally, we asked her what makes the event so special and she said, “the people with their smiles and kindness.” 

     The Sugar Grove Christmas Walk is a favorite for many Eisenhower students. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled this year due to Covid. However, it is still fun to reminisce about all of our favorite parts of the event.

At the Sugar Grove Christmas Walk, you can get a little gift at the laundry mat, look at the Christmas lights, receive a book from the library giveaway, visit Santa in the park, stand around the fire lit at Wilcox Brothers to keep you warm, and see fireworks. 

The Squire also interviewed Matthew Cathcart about his favorite part of the Sugar Grove Christmas Walk. Matthew told The Squire that his favorite part of the Christmas Walk is the Wilcox Brother’s hot chocolate and fires that people just chat around. Matthew also says that this event brings people together for the holidays because you can get out of the house and socialize. We asked Matthew what makes this event special and he explained, “The people who put the time and effort to add fun elements into it, such as the nativity scene or Santa being there.”

Although organizers considered the idea that people could try to stay safe by wearing a mask, staying socially distanced, and trying to limit contact with people outside of one’s own family, the tough decision was made to cancel the Sugar Grove Christmas Walk for this year. That put some sad faces on the people that love going to it, but we look forward to it being extra special next year. 

     Youngsville also had their annual Christmas Walk this year. They had lights hung up all around for people to drive around and look at. This year, they made sure to keep everyone safe by having people socially distancing and staying in their cars. They also had the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and the parade. Trying to keep everything as normal as possible, but adding in some new fun traditions helps them to make the season special for those who look forward these events. 

     The events that go on in our towns are fun and get people together for the holidays. This year is different with Covid-19, so make sure you are staying safe. Wear a mask, stay socially distanced, and enjoy time with your families. Have fun and happy holidays! 

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