Shopping Local This Christmas

By: Hannah Newcamp 

     With Covid-19 cases rising, it is important to avoid going to crowded places. This can be especially difficult when it comes to holiday shopping, as all the major shopping centers are in the cities where everyone goes to shop. Instead of shopping in crowded stores this year, it is a smart idea to shop locally. From local online boutiques to family run stores, there are plenty of options to fulfill your shopping needs. The Squire interviewed Eisenhower High School freshmen, Julia Gesing, to hear her opinions on local shopping. 

     During The Squire’s interview with Julia Gesing, we asked her for her thoughts on shopping local. Julia said that the reason she started shopping at local stores is because she likes supporting the people in her community and that local stores have unique gifts compared to shopping chains, “The gifts I find at small businesses are always so much more interesting than ones I find at the mall because I know that not everyone is going to have it.”  When asked whether shopping local was more of a hassle than simply going to the mall, Julia explained that shopping local is just as easy as going to Walmart.  

     The types of local stores available in our community ranges from clothing boutiques to family run hardware stores. Julia shared that her favorite stores to shop at are outdoors/sports stores and clothing stores. Some local stores to shop at are Pennwild Outdoors, Allegheny Outfitters, and Paul’s Trading Post. These stores are great places to shop at when looking for gifts for your outdoorsy and athletic friends. 

     Besides stores like Allegheny Outfitters, there are also locally run stores online. On Facebook there are clothing boutiques run by community members. These stores sell women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and much more. Maren Louise Boutique and The Green Bag Boutique are two Facebook groups that sell to the community. Along with being a local Facebook boutique, Faded Floral Boutique is also located in downtown Warren. During the pandemic, online locally ran stores have been receiving a lot of attention. They provide great quality clothing while each purchase supports a local family. 

     Shopping locally comes with many benefits. From finding unique gifts for loved ones to supporting families in your community, shopping local is a great idea. Whether buying clothes for your mom and sister or outdoor gear for your dad and brother, there are plenty of family run stores to help you get your shopping done. This holiday season, try to get out and shop locally to keep your family healthy and to support locally run family businesses. 

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