Adjusting to COVID-19 Changes at School

By: Hannah Newcamp 

     Coming back to school this fall, there are plenty of changes to get used to. From wearing masks, to the QR code sign outs, the way we handle everyday tasks at Eisenhower is changing. Luckily for students, teachers have been working hard to make this transition easier for all of us. The Squire interviewed chemistry teacher, Mrs. Dietsch, and senior, Jacob Williams, to get their input on this year’s changes. 

     With the way school is being conducted this year, teachers have had to adjust and find new ways of going about everyday tasks. Mrs. Dietsch shared, “I did not want to change how I interacted with my students so I worked with technology and found ways that would allow me to fulfill my vision of how I wanted my classroom to look if we were here, or if we were sent home.” She explained how Microsoft Teams and OneNote have helped her teach the way she wants to while using the new technology.  Although she has been able to use the new technology in her classroom, Mrs. Dietsch commented on how she has adjusted to the changes, “Technology has taken a huge amount of time to adjust to, embrace, and utilize.” While many teachers would agree that the use of technology this year has been a major adjustment, students seem to be adjusting to the technology much easier. When The Squire asked Jacob Williams what he thought the biggest change this year was he stated that, “The biggest change for me this school year is having to wear a mask all day.” Williams also said that he believes other students would agree that wearing masks is the biggest adjustment for them to make this year. 

     The teachers here at Eisenhower are not the only ones who have had to make changes. Warren County School District as a whole has had to change the ways in which they carry out the school year. One key goal this year is to keep everyone safe and healthy. Mrs. Dietsch commented on this by saying, “I think that both EMHS and Warren County School District are doing a great job meeting the needs of the students and staff to maintain a heathy environment for us to be able to stay in school.” She also acknowledged the fact that even though some people may not like the new rules in place, they were simply made to keep everyone healthy and in school. Williams agreed with Mrs. Dietsch and shared, “I think the school is doing as good of a job as they can to try and keep kids safe while also giving them an education.”  

     When it comes to making sure everyone is healthy and able to stay in school, keeping our school clean is a big issue. Mrs. Dietsch informed The Squire how she is helping to keep the school clean. “My biggest obstacle for cleanliness is my laboratories.  Our maintenance staff has been doing a fabulous job cleaning after school and on the weekends… in my room during the day I encourage students to use alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, or wash their hands after we have been working with common touch areas.  In the laboratory, students wash their glassware, wipe down their lab tables with spray and paper towels and clean their hands before leaving the lab.” While teachers and custodial staff have a big job of keeping the classrooms clean, students can do little things to help make this job easier on everyone. As an example, Jacob Williams explained how he has been bringing his own water to school and using hand sanitizer often, to help keep the school clean. 

     Although all the changes that have taken place due to COVID-19 can be frustrating, sometimes, it is important to remember that by following the rules you are keeping others safe and helping to allow the school year to continue. Mrs. Dietsch shared how COVID-19 has showed her a greater appreciation for being in school, “I also hope that the appreciation for being able to come to school in a brick and mortar building, and to be together with our friends and teachers does not disappear. I know that school is not everyone’s favorite thing, but I know that the shut down in the spring was a wakeup call to me and that I missed my students.” So even if being in school is not your favorite thing, you should remember how much of a privilege it is to be able to come every day and receive an education. 

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