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Teacher Spotlight Shines on Mr. Wortman

By: Lydia Larson 

     A new school year means new teachers, and this year, at Eisenhower, we have received several of new teachers. For this issue’s teacher spotlight, The Squire has chosen Mr. Wortman, our new Algebra and Pre-Calculus teacher, who you will find residing in Mr. Zapel’s old room. He is a first-year teacher here at Eisenhower and we learned a lot of great information about him during this interview, so let’s get started! 

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Running into our Student Spotlight, Julia Haight

By: Caroline Larson 

    For this issue of The Squire, we chose EHS senior Julia Haight as our student spotlight. Many people who know Julia may look at her as a good friend. Others may know her as one of the cross-country runners, or the sister of former EHS graduate Naomi Haight. However, there may be some people who don’t know who Julia is, and might wonder what she’s all about. 

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Preparing for Graduation

By: Brittany Smith 

   As we are getting into the new school year, the seniors are starting to prepare for graduation. There is a lot of things the seniors have to do to make sure they are on track to graduate. Lucky for us, we have a new guidance counselor, Mrs. Hahn to help guide the way. The Squire recently interviewed her and asked her some questions that will help the seniors out.  

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