Do It Yourself this Halloween

By: Morgan Kellogg

Halloween is coming up soon, and you might be one of many trick or treaters in search of  just the right Halloween costume. If you can’t seem to find the perfect costume in a store, do it yourself with these fun DIY’s.

You might think that making your own costume would be too expensive or complicated, but most of these DIY’s use things you already have around your house. These costumes are simple and take little time to complete, and with a little effort, they could have you looking spooky or sweet.

The first costume that you can DIY is Kim Possible. For this costume, you will need a black long sleeve t-shirt, camo or green pants, and a black fanny pack.  This easy costume consists of many items you probably already have in your closet.

The next Halloween costume that you can DIY is a group costume, Mario and Luigi. For the Mario and Luigi costume, you will need a red t-shirt, a green t-shirt, two pairs of white gloves, two pairs of black shoes, two pairs of overalls, a red hat, a green hat, and two fake mustaches. These costumes are the perfect duo for trick-or-treating this Halloween.

The last Halloween costume, inspired by, is a “bag of jelly beans.” For this costume, you will need colored water balloons, a clear trash bag, colorful socks, one piece of printer paper, markers, clear tape, scissors, a black shirt, and a black pair of pants. Follow our simple instructions below to put together your very own jelly bean costume.

  1. First, take your piece of printer paper and markers, and draw out the Jelly Beans logo.
  2. Next, take your clear trash bag and cut one hole in the top for the head and two holes in the sides for the arms. (The drawstring part will be at the bottom of the costume.)
  3. After you’ve cut the holes out, take your Jelly Beans sign and tape it onto the front of the clear trash bag, with the clear tape.
  4. Now that we have the Jelly Beans bag done, it’s time to start making the Jelly Beans. Take your colorful water balloons, and blow them up. Here at The Squire, we used 36 balloons in total, but you may use more or less depending on how big your bag is.
  5. Once you have your balloons inflated, put your black shirt, pants, and colorful socks on. The black clothing will be the base for our costume.
  6. Now that you have your “base clothing” on, it’s time to put on the costume itself. If you would like your hair up for the costume, put it up first, as it is hard to put it up with the costume on. Start by putting on the trash bag.
  7. Once you have the trash bag on, tie the drawstrings on and start putting the “Jelly Beans” into the bag. Put one of your arms inside the trash bag and start filling the bag by the arm hole.
  8. Once you have all your balloons inside the trash bag, add more or take away some depending on how big you would like your bag to be filled.
  9. Finally, put your arm back through the trash bag, grab your treat bag and head out for a “Knight of Excitement.”

Now that you know how to make your very own costume, you can have the best, most inexpensive, DIY, Halloween ever! If you decide to use any of these Halloween DIY’s, make sure you tag us with our hashtag #ehssquire to be featured on our Instagram Page.


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