Trick or Treating around Warren County

By: Alexis Courtney

There are many places in Warren County to trick or treat, but where is the best place? Between Green Briar Circle in Russell to the streets that branch off Conewango Avenue in Warren, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

Eisenhower students can choose to trick or treat in many places, but most choose to do so in Russell or Sugar grove. The Squire sat down with Danette Courtney, who lives in Russell and takes her child around Pine Grove for the Halloween festivities. She shared, “I like to keep it close because all of my family comes over with more kids and it’s nice to be close to the house.”

While many may choose to stay closer to home, some may choose to venture into Warren. Although many people live in Warren, making it a little more crowded on the streets, the door to door sidewalk trick or treating in Warren neighborhoods is charming, while among other things, trick or treaters may prioritize how comfortable they are in the neighborhood, others may value something else important – the size and type of the candy.

Many kids even pick their route based on choosing houses that are more generous. Many Eisenhower students shared that they feel the best candy comes from Green Briar Circle and certain Warren neighborhoods.

Although it is all opinion based, some things are for certain about Halloween – sometimes you’ll get your favorite candy, but, other times, certain households may surprise trick or treaters with less exciting treats. From toothbrushes to fruits and vegetables, sometimes households may give kids a small reminder about how unhealthy the holiday can be. Enthusiastic trick or treaters may choose to skip these houses, in place of houses that have more guaranteed candy treats to fill their bags.

Some people might like to go around where there aren’t too many houses and they can set a cutoff time for their child.  This and other factors may be a consideration for many parents, as they try to keep their children safe and healthy, “I also like just going around Pine Grove because there are enough houses to please, but not so many that Trenton will get a cavity or be out all night,” says Danette about taking her son trick or treating.

This Halloween, decide what your priorities are for the fun night and choose your strategy carefully. Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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