Boys Sports Fall into Place

By: Jared Beers

The weather is changing, and boys’ sports are heating up. Fall is a busy time of year for everyone, especially EHS athletes.

Each fall, male students have the option of participating in several sports, including football, soccer, cross country, and golf. The Squire interviewed players from each boys’ sports team as they shared their thoughts about the start of the season and their expectations for this year.

Teagan Gray, representing the EHS students playing for Warren’s golf team stated, “I believe we can do very well as a team, and as individual players, in my opinion, we are the best in D-10.” Teagan, a very good golfer himself, is off to a great start this year shooting a 90 at his most recent match.

Owen Trumbull, speaking for the EHS football team said, “We started off a little slow, but I feel we can be a .500 team, and hopefully qualify for playoffs.” The team has already had some memorable moments this year, and has enjoyed all of the support from fans, parents, and cheerleaders.

Next The Squire sat down with soccer player, Wyatt Tucker, and asked him his expectations on this year’s season, “We will be very good this year. Coming off a tough year last year I think we can bounce back and have a positive year.” Check out W-IKE news on our Youtube channel to see an interview with our boys’ soccer team.

For the last boys’ sports, we interviewed Mark Passinger from the cross country team, who shared, “I think we can get out there and win a couple meets this year.”  Recently, the cross country team has earned some strong times as they compete.

During the interview, we asked the players what their biggest strengths are this season. Gray shared that he’s happy with his performance and the team as a whole is looking good, explaining, “I’m really whacking it this season, and the team seems to keep a good average score.”

Owen Trumbull shared that the football team is closer than ever and has the important strength of “Working together almost as a family.” The soccer team also has an important bond, as Tucker explained, “We play very good together because we are all good buddies.”

Not only players have expectations on how a season can go. The coaches have been sharing the goals for the team with players as well, with Teagan noting, “They believe in us as much as we believe in ourselves; they think we can be one of the best teams in District 10.”

Coach Penley has shared with Trumbull that “[He] believes we can be really amazing, not just this year, but years to come.” In every game, they have only been down by a touchdown or less at halftime, proving Penley’s optimism is valid.

As a team, it is important to work together and make a connection.  When the players were asked how they build team chemistry, The Squire got some unique answers. Trumbull said, “Well, we jump in the creek down behind my house,” while Tucker  stated, “We all go out to dinner with each other and just hang out all the time, it helps us communicate on the field.” Team chemistry is very important so that teams can mesh and play well together, and the boys’ soccer teams showed that they could do that by beating single “A” powerhouse West Middlesex.

All boys’ sports are off to a strong start here at EHS. The Squire wishes good luck to all fall sports teams. Check out our afternoon news show for more sports updates as the seasons wrap up.


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